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Flowers from Roses Are Red are known for long vase life and naturalistic arrangements with the highest quality flowers.

Rose Are Red believes that flowers make a difference and are the perfect gift to celebrate life.  We source only the best quality flowers and follow the most current research to give you the best possible vase life so that your flowers can have the longest vase life possible. We feel that flowers are the focus, design is important but beautiful flowers do not need contrived design that often shortens their vase life. This means our designs typically are done in glass containers and foam is only used in very specific cases (certain sympathy or wedding work that there isn’t a practical way to design  in glass). We focus on simple containers and more naturalistic designs and heavily feature Florida grown foliages.  We are a professional local florist proudly serving Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne, Viera, Rockledge, and West Melbourne.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you when you need flowers for pick up or local delivery.

We are not trying to be all things to all people. We only carry the most awesome blooms. If big box stores carry it, typically we do not unless it is a much higher grade. We focus on some more common flowers that are high grade and very unique flowers that are longer lasting. We occasionally carry shorter lived flowers but you won’t see them on our website, but if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you’ll see when we have more unusual but shorter vase life seasonal flowers available. Also you can always call to see what is new in that week. Because we do higher grade flowers often we are more expensive than other florists especially national online chains, be we make up for it in incredible vase life. We fully expect our flowers to last a minimum of 7 days but it is far more typical that they last 10+ days with proper care (I at least once a month have someone tell us some of their flowers lasted 3 weeks). Our process includes only sourcing flowers that have continuous cold chain from the farm, hydration treatments, flower food in all buckets and vases from a dosing system we get tested periodically by a lab to make sure is the right concentrate, floral coolers at 35-37 degrees at 80% humidity, and flower food packets with every vase delivery along with care instructions. We also turn our inventory frequently (sometimes flowers we consider unsellable because of age still last 10+ days in our warm display window). These steps typically double the vase life of your flowers over competitors. If you spend the money they should last! Yes our flowers are a bit more than some other places, but they are absolutely premium. Roses are way bigger and last longer, we have stuff no one else in town has. But if you are looking for something cheap that you saw on a national website and want us to price match you are out of luck, we don't do mass market stuff. It also means we don't carry every bloom in every color. Our availability changes constantly (even sometimes during the day) and we source only premium flowers and plants. We strive to make it as close as possible especially in size, color, and overall feel. Sometimes we are out of a particular bloom or that week that flower did not come in at our standards so then we make substitutions with keeping a similar color scheme as our designer’s first priority.  

Owner, Christina Brown has a natural love of plants.  Even as a child she had a flower garden she planted and tended with love. Later that passion led her to get her BA in Horticulture from the University of Florida and to become a Florida State Florist Master Designer. Owning a flower shop fulfills her life long dream of owning a business that allows her to share her love of plants and flowers.  She also speaks at local garden clubs and loves to chat with customers about plants. All of our staff are fairly plant obsessed and very knowledgeable about houseplants in addition to being amazing designers.

Our Guarantee: for retail arrangements we want you to love your flowers! If you or the recipient doesn't like their flowers for any reason--the colors, the types of flowers, the style, or the quality--we offer a 48 hour exchange guarantee and are happy to exchange the flowers for an arrangement more to their liking.

We don't have to exchange out flowers often but please, please, please let us know if you are unhappy in any way with your arrangement so we have the opportunity to correct it.  

Our shop is located on State Road 192 Beachside (5th Ave) just past Riverside Drive on the right if you are coming from the causeway, and our parking is on 6th Ave.


We've done over 1500 weddings on the Space Coast. We are highly rated in our area on Zola, the Knot and Wedding Wire and  are on the preferred vendor list for just about every venue in our area. Our staff is very experienced in wedding flowers and we provide florals for 100+ weddings and events each year. We strive to provide unique designs to compliment each client's budget and style preferences. We also help with DIY brides and events.

Call us in advance at 321-242-3360 or email us at wedding@violetsinbloomflorist.com to set up an appointment for a consultation or just go ahead and email us details and inspiration pictures and we’ll get you a quote (or ask more questions) within a couple days if not sooner.


We invite you to stop by our showroom to see what's new and choose from our selection of beautiful house plants. We try to keep a unique but random selection on hand of  inside house plants--orchids, ferns, hanging plants, bromeliads, dishgardens and more.  We stick to stuff that is fairly easy to care for either for yourself or to send as a gift. But our availability varies greatly with what our favorite nurseries have available. Got a question about plants, we do our best to help you troubleshoot your houseplant problems or to pick the perfect plant--right plant right place!

Thank you for visiting our website and learning a bit more about us!  If you are in the area please stop by. We especially like to meet our out of town customers, so drop in and introduce yourself so we can put a face with the name, sometimes we feel like we are old friends because we have celebrated so many occasions together. But if you can't and we are closed or if it's after hours and you need flowers secure online ordering is always at your fingertips, anytime day and night, for your convenience!